about us

About Us


AcademicVersity Group (AV) was founded to meet a need and to pursue the common goals of the scientific community, particularly in the fields of medicine, sciences, engineering, and technology, to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge that will facilitate collaboration between scientists, academicians, and researchers working in the same field or in interdisciplinary research.
AcademicVersity is an expert at organising conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops with brilliant and exceptional speakers from all over the world, giving you and your company a wide range of networking possibilities to globalise your research and establish your own brand.
AV Group was able to create a unique platform for professionals, budding researchers, and experts from various countries, universities, hospitals, research institutions, industries, and companies in a very short period of time, allowing them to easily socialise and discuss their goals, research techniques, latest science discoveries, facts, and news. Our company operates efficiently, with devoted and skilled personnel managing many conferences throughout the world without sacrificing service or quality.

Who Are We?

AcademicVersity Group is a global conference and event organiser dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations in terms of quality and originality. We began as a small and inexperienced Professional Conference Organizer in the United States, and have since grown to a proud 100-120 member team of dedicated professionals. The success of our conferences was aided by participation from 120 different countries and 2000 different universities/industries/laboratories. We've learned a lot about the market from them, especially in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, and technology.

What Do We Do?

We design and execute worldwide conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops that bring together modernizers, keynote speakers, and visionaries on the same platform as high-end scientific event organisers. We offer the best material, a fantastic delegate experience, incredible networking chances with like-minded individuals, and a fantastic association to keep in contact with people on a personal level. This fosters the exchange of ideas, technologies, and knowledge, altering how we connect with continents and allowing people all over the world to network globally.

Why Us?

When it comes to international scientific events, we have mastered the art of smooth preparation and execution. We offer more than just cost savings to the table. We ensure that your event is a complete success storey, from having a firm handle on all the minute aspects to having a global awareness of the business and its trends. Through high-level contacts and supplier influence, we may utilise our additional value and insight to increase event attendance or generate sponsorships. At the end of the day, we know what's important and what needs to be done, as well as how to execute it.

Our Mission

AcademicVersity is committed to doing research and spreading great ideas and information from recognised individuals to those who will benefit from it. Our goal is to become the greatest content provider, deliver an outstanding delegate experience, and provide fantastic networking opportunities to dedicated individuals in the sciences, medical, and technology fields.